MAST – Arts, Experience and Technology, Bologna


MAST, Bologna
MAST, Bologna

MAST is an impressive new building in Bologna, Italy, housing an exciting mix of activities and facilities. It includes a gallery of industrial photography, auditorium and restaurant, as well as exhibitions that explore the processes of technological innovation. Themes include motor sports, aerospace, mechanical engineering and product packaging.

Stephen has led the content definition and development on the exhibit portions of the project, working initially with Casson Mann and latterly directly with the client, Coesia. Stephen has defined aims, objectives, messages and learning outcomes for exhibitions and exhibits, writing visitor journeys for all elements. He has been working closely with academics from the University of Bologna and engineers from within the client group of companies to identify content areas and translate them into compelling learning experiences for students and casual visitors.

Stephen investigated innovation typologies and specific examples of innovations before working in detail with the client’s engineers and sales staff to identify specific, detailed, interwoven pieces of content to illustrate key themes and messages. Stephen has been able to forge this dense material into rich content for interactive experiences. Realising these experiences has involved close working with All of Us.

The project is ongoing with new exhibits appearing over the next year.