Saudi 2050

Stephen managed the project definition, content building and game development on this project, which enables visitors to discover possibilities for future technologies and their impact on our world.

Visitors explore and design aspects of their world of 2050 – they can build a home, a vehicle, a robot, a landscape and a farm, expressing needs and desires for the next forty years along the way. These digital design activities are supported by imagined future objects, including a plant nurturing robot humming bird, a home doctor milkshake maker and a 3D nano printer. Visitors explore all of these through semi-opaque touch screens. A series of hands on interactive exhibits enable visitors to explore some basic principles underlying future developments including magnetic levitation and linear motors, solar power and a robotic arm.

This project was developed with KCA London for the Saudi Aramco Summer exhibition in Dhahran, after which the exhibition has visited several other venues. Digital interaction design was provided by Kiss the Frog.

Stephen went on to help adapt the exhibition for presentation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha. He delivered training to the facilitators accompanying the exhibition; explaining the philosophy behind the project, the relationship between the exhibition and government initiatives, and how this relates to the Climate Change Conference.

The Saudi 2050 exhibition at the Saudi Aramco Summer exhibition in Dhahran.