Science of… exhibitions

Interactive alien worlds in the Science of Aliens exhibtion.

The Science of… was a collaboration between the Science Museum, London, and investors, Fleming Media, established to produce compelling visitor attractions for a global market. As Content Director, Stephen’s role encompassed concept development, content management and direction on international exhibitions and accompanying digital, publishing and TV products. Projects have attracted millions of visitors worldwide and include:

Designing your home of the future in The Science of Survival exhibition.
  • The Science of Aliens, exploring the real possibilities for alien life
  • The Science of Spying, which uses role play to investigate new surveillance technologies
  • The Science of Survival in which visitors build their own vision of a sustainable future
  • Working with Met Studio to develop concepts and content for a new science centre in Ningbo, China.

Stephen’s role involved:

  • Conceptualising and leading projects across physical, digital, broadcast and print media
  • Building and managing multi-disciplinary teams to produce high quality products
  • Maintaining an overview of budgets, programmes and overall quality
  • Establishing and managing relationships with clients, experts, agencies, consultants and contractors across a variety of media
  • Commissioning digital, graphic, 3D and interaction design
  • Commissioning audience research and working with marketeers to ensure projects appeal strongly to their target audience
  • Overseeing budgets of £2.7M and managing teams of up to 6 staff
  • Television, radio and press interviews.