Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait

Prehistoric Life gallery, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait.

The largest museum development in the world opened in 2018. Realising six major museums totalling 22,000 m2 of galleries required large multi-agency and multi-disciplinary teams working at an unprecedented pace over several years. Stephen led the content on several major galleries across four museums working with the design team at Cultural Innovations for the fitout contactor, Beck Interiors. Stephen directed content and interpretation on subjects including robotics, transport, innovation, health, the human body, Arabic heritage, science news and physical science principles. Stephen worked extensively with the wider team, including Bruns and Hüttinger developing exhibits, Centre Screen and New Angle developing digital media and ACME Studios providing graphic design.

Stephen developed hundreds of exhibit specification sheets from sketch outlines through content and concept development, expert comments and scripting through to final production.



Of the exhibits Stephen worked on, highlights include:

  • Body Invaders – a virtual reality dark ride into the human body to discover blood, the heart, lungs and the brain.
  • Maker Space ‑ visitors gain practical experience of innovation and technology by conceiving and building their own gadgets.
  • Balanced Meal Sushi Conveyor ‑ visitors grab virtual foods to build a favourite meal and explore balanced eating.
  • Light Maze Learning Robot ‑ visitors build a maze before watching a robot navigate and learn to solve it from scratch in under a minute.