Top Secret, Science Museum

Top Secret, Science Museum, Hato.

This touring exhibition from the Science Museum, London, explores how technologies for hiding and revealing secrets have proved crucial during momentous historic events. Chapters take us through trench communications and finding airships in World War One, the struggles to break Enigma and more complex encryption in World War Two, a suburban spy ring during the Cold War and the financial scandal around what was to have been Britain’s first spy satellite. GCHQ opened their archives for the Top Secret exhibition, enabling the Museum to display previously unseen coding machines. The cotemporary section of the exhibition explores how the internet and social media have provided new challenges for security agencies. It looks at the secrets hidden in the digital data we all generate and the balance between security and privacy.

Stephen provided interpretation consultancy as part of the Science Museum’s exhibitions and curatorial teams. He advised on and developed elements of storyline, script, terminology, AV and interaction. He worked on the family trail and interactive puzzle area in conjunction with Lindsay Clark. Andrés Ros Soto Studio handled 3D Design and Hato developed the graphic design.